1. kyossplus:


    Il direttore della Mostra Internazionale di #Architettura che si è aperta in questi giorni a #Venezia.

    #Koolhaas l’ha pensata come un’indagine attorno ai fondamenti dell’architettura, Fundamentals appunto, declinandolo in tre temi. 

    Photography © wilderbiral 

  3. stealmag:

    greenhouse talk discuss the future of architecture at venice biennale

    ma yansong, pezo von ellrichshausen and bijoy jian debate the nature of the profession from a cultural, geopolitical and economic standpoint.

  4. shelovesitall:

    Art Gallery of NSW — 2014 Biennale

  5. archatlas:

    Tokujin Yoshioka’s Rainbow Chair at the 2014 Venice Biennale

    Images 1-5 found on the artist’s site here.

    Images 6-10 found here.

  6. 50bestphotos:

    Fog by mirkapralat http://ift.tt/1kIRqwd

  7. lost-elves:

    Mossy Stairs, Perthshire, Scotland

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  8. allthingseurope:

    Autumn trees in the mist, Oxfordshire, UK  (by net_efekt)

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  9. (Fonte: lemanoosh, via takeovertime)

  11. freddie-photography:

    I think this is my first photograph that I have published that most people would consider ‘Street Photography’. I still have urge to take it wide like a landscape.

    By Freddie Ardley Photography - Follow me on Facebook Twitter

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  12. tipsforarchitectureschool:


    Herbst Architects

    Details | Model making | Look at how all of the materials connect. Think about how each piece had to be cut and fit into another.

  14. ornaments-of-the-world:

    Viking ship detail at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, notice the detailed Celtic patterns combined with animals on a Viking ship. The Oseberg ship was buried in 834 CE

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  15. truebluemeandyou:

    27 Ways to Tie a Scarf. I can’t believe I found a PDF of Hermès Cards released by Hermès here. There are several sets of cards so you can also google “How to Tie a Hermès Scarf” for more ideas. You can no longer buy the Hermès Knotting (Playtime) cards except on places like EBAY for about $50+.

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